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Current personal projects
Docker dev stack

A simple kickstart for (Symfony2) projects. Includes PHP 7 fpm, NGINX and SOLR 6.1.
See github


(no longer used) Execute tasks when exiting gulpjs with ctrl-c, great for when you run watchers
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Static HTML development and prototyping framework build with Python and using Jinja2.
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Docker LAMP 5.4

A single Docker container with multiple vhost support.

Killing docker images

docker ps | awk 'NR>1 { print $1}' | xargs docker kill

Tools 'n Stuff
Less/Sass compilation Linux Koala
Database management Linux Valentina Studio (love it)
Openbox rc, I like the way I use the numpad for 'tiling' rc.xml
Simple rake task for Capistrano to pull database dumps from a host to local github