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Full-Stack web developer and full-time weirdo from The Netherlands.

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I'm a bit biased I suppose as I use ZSS here as well 🎉.

While working at Zicht we quickly became tired of working the old ways using nested css/sass and very specific bits of code. Things became unmanageable.

My friend (and then colleague) Robert from DoNormal started working on a solution that quickly became a giant step forwards in working with css.

Try it you might like it.


Creating, developing or testing against APIs doesn't get any better than this

Visual Code

Oh my, the first time Microsoft has really wowed me. This application blows any competition away. Except, maybe, PHPStorm for PHP related stuff. 🤔


This killer utility allows you to expose local servers to the public internet using secure tunnels. I use this for testing payment providers that might use webhooks for callbacks.


Keep your passwords unique and safe! KeepassXC is a great open-source and cross-platform utility with some good additions to other keepass GUIs.